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Basic City Services

As a city, it is vital that we ensure we are investing in our infrastructure and providing residents with access to the essential services they need.


As your Boston City Councilor, Jose will be committed to prioritizing constituent services, investing in our city and communities, and ensuring that access to these essential services is available to everyone.

Streamline and Improve Service Delivery

It can be challenging for many residents to get the services they need from City Hall. Jose will work to streamline administrative processes within city departments to ensure efficient service delivery. By leveraging technology advancements, he will make it easier for residents to access information, apply for permits/licenses, and resolve any concerns they may have.

Invest In and Upgrading Infrastructure

Much of our city's infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. Jose will work tirelessly to modernize our city's infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and public transportation systems. Investing in these essential services can reduce congestion, improve commute times, and enhance overall connectivity.

Prioritize Constituent Services

One of the most important jobs of a City Councilor is constituent services, ensuring you are active and present in the community, working with residents to address the issues they are facing. Jose will work to bring that focus back to District 5 and ensure he is always available to residents in need of assistance by hosting monthly office hours, town halls, and establishing a district office.

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