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Public Safety

As a former Boston Police Officer with over 30 years of experience, Jose understands that there is no more important job than ensuring every resident and every community is safe.


As your Boston City Councilor, Jose is committed to developing a comprehensive plan that will ensure public safety, strengthen accountability and transparency, and work to address the root causes of violence.

Strengthen Community Policing and Increase Community Engagement

In order to have true public safety, it is crucial to continue building trust between law enforcement and the community. Jose will work to foster open dialogues and establish regular meetings between residents, community leaders, and law enforcement officials to address concerns, share ideas, and collaborate on innovative solutions.

Expand Mental Health Services And Invest In Programs That Get To The Root Cause Of Violence

As a city, we must be committed to increasing access to affordable mental health services, providing support networks for those in need, and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. Jose will work to invest in education, mental health services, and social programs that empower our citizens. By targeting the underlying issues that contribute to violence, he believes we can make a significant impact on crime rates and help heal our communities.

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